Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect 8.0

Create backups and retrieve your files and folders

Clone the content from your files, folders or partitions and create images of your hard drives and archive them. Restore your system, upgrade your hard drive, optimize the disk space and schedule all processes. Browse the backed-up images, encrypt your archives and burn them onto external disks.

Macrium Reflect has been developed to help you create backup copies of your disks. In this respect, the tool supports both cloning and saving the contents of the disk in an image file. The program’s interface is quite straightforward, yet its successful use requires some computer skills.

The tool classifies as one of the best of its type. One of the features that make it stand out is its backup and restore speed, which is quite fast. Fortunately, it can also create live images of Windows operating system. Likewise, it supports incremental, differential and full backup schemes, which means that you can make different decisions based on your specific needs and conditions. Moreover, you can protect the copies with various encryption levels, using quite secure standards. It is a shame that it does not support high levels of compression, which would save some storage space in the target device.

If you need to perform frequent backups, it is ideal that the program allows scheduling this type of operation. Similarly, it lets you create boot-up emergency discs, which may come in handy in case of system crashes. The tool supports various target locations, such as local folders, mapped drives, and removable devices. In addition, it can burn data directly onto discs. It is also a great advantage that the program lets you load and explore the contents of the backup images.

All in all, Macrium Reflect is an excellent tool that deserves at least a try. It is available in various versions, including Free, Home, Workstation, Server, and Server Plus. The free version allows most basic operations, which is good. However, it does not support performing incremental backups, encrypting data or backing up specific files and folders.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Fast backup speed
  • Supports various encryption levels
  • Various backup schemes
  • Lets you schedule backups
  • Live images of Windows OS
  • Various destination media


  • Not appropriate for inexpert users
  • Free version has some limitations
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