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Macrium Reflect is a very complete file backup and restore tool
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Macrium Reflect is a very complete file backup and restore tool. It is not free, but it comes packed with advanced features that make keeping your system backed-up and secure a piece of cake. The user interface might appear complicated at first, but it is not actually.

Creating a backup is as easy as double-clicking your hard drive. That will pop-up a wizard window that will guide you through a few steps. The program will back-up the hard drive that you have selected into an image file. You can store that file in a local folder, a network folder, or burn it onto a CD or DVD.

Backups can also be scheduled and you can additionally create XML Definition files, VBScripts, or MS-DOS batch files for executing your backups or restore tasks. If you don't want to backup the entirety of your hard drive, you can use the Backup Files option from the Backup menu. It allows you to select a specific folder or many folders in any of your hard drives.

All backups that are done with Macrium Reflect support compression, auto-verification, and even different degrees of encryption.

Restoring backups of files and partitions seems to be as easy as backing up. Everything is done via wizards. The website has several tutorials for more advanced tasks.

All in all, Macrium Reflect is a very advanced partition and files backup and restore tool that is relatively easy to use.

José Fernández
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